About the Jewish Art Calendar

The Jewish Art Calendar is a beautiful, full color 13 month Calendar with both secular and Jewish dates, holidays and information. The upper page of each month is filled with beautiful Jewish art and short explanations about the Jewish holidays, and is also designed for advertisements. The practical design of the calendar also provides ample room for the recording of personal information and appointments.

This calendar will be sent to over 2500 homes in the Yorktown, Cortlandt, and Somers area. A Jewish calendar is a standard in every Jewish home.

The Jewish Art Calendar is an exceptional promotional opportunity - a unique means to directly target the local Jewish audience while also contributing to the preservation of Jewish culture, customs, and heritage among the members of our community.  

The calendar is full of information, educational messages, Sabbath candle-lighting times, and an array of beautiful thematic Jewish artwork. It will undoubtedly be displayed in homes and offices throughout the local community, ensuring optimum visibility for your product or service.  

Birthday , Anniversary, Yahrtzeit & Special Occasions:  
You can also honor your loved ones by dedicating their special day in the calendar. 

To place an ad, dedication or greeting in the calendar click here