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  • Shmura Matzah is quite unique. The word "Shmura" means "watched" and is an apt description of this Matzah. From the moment of harvest, through the milling, sifting and packaging, continuous supervision guarantees that no water comes in contact with the grain and flour. Any such contact would cause leavening and disqualify it from use on Pesach. The Matzah is then kneaded, shaped and baked completely by hand, guaranteeing that it will never fall beyond immediate personal supervision. As the verse states, "You shall guard the matzot" (Exodus, 12:17).

    Kabbalah teaches that the "Shmurah Matzah" we eat during the Seder on the eve of Passover (eve of April 8 and 9, 2020) is 'food of faith' - giving us strength in our belief in G-d, and ‘food of healing’ providing physical health, for the year to come.

    Allow the Shmura Matzah to give a whole new flavor and energy to your Seder. Let it stimulate conversation, generate curiosity, excite the children, and make the exodus saga come alive. 

    We are cognizant of the relative unavailability of Shmura Matzah to the general public, and deem it a privilege to present it to you.

    Click here for more information on the Shmurah Matzah. 

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