Before placing your order, please click here  to confirm that the delivery service is active this week.


Chabad of Yorktown is excited to offer a Kosher food and take-out option delivered straight to Yorktown!

Keeping Kosher in Yorktown has never been easier!


How does it work? 

You place your order online at Evergreen Kosher Market, one of Rockland County's largest Kosher supermarkets, and we arrange for delivery to Yorktown Heights. Deliveries are made on Thursdays


Availability of this option, pick up times and details are subject to change. (For example - no deliveries will be made in inclement weather.)  Before placing your order, please click here to confirm that the delivery service is active this week.



Click below to shop online (make sure to choose the Monsey branch for pick up).

When done shopping, make sure to choose store pickup for Thursday 10-11am (at the Monsey location), and click on "prepare the order sooner if possible".

Orders must be placed by Wednesday evening, 9pm. Orders can be placed several days in advance (as long as you choose pickup time for Thursday 10-11am). 

Once your order is complete and paid for, make sure to click on the link below to fill out the pickup and delivery form. We will then deliver your order to Chabad of Yorktown for you to pick up. 

No minimum order is required. There is a $10 pickup and delivery fee per order, paid to Chabad using the above mentioned pickup & delivery form. Please note, no orders will be picked up without a completion of this form.

Orders must be picked up from Chabad on Thursdays between 1:00-2:00pmat 2629 Old Yorktown Rd. in Yorktown Heights (route 132, across from the fire station). If your order contains non-perishable items only, you also have the option of picking up your order on Thursdays, between 5-7pm.

(During the winter months: If your order includes perishable items, and you cannot pick up your order between 1:00-2:00pm, you also have the option of picking up your order from 5-7pm. Please note, however, that your order will be kept in the garage. Chabad cannot take responsibility for the freshness of the items.)

Your order will be labeled with your name on the box. Please note the amount of boxes indicated on the sticker. For example, if your order consists of 2 boxes, the first box will be labeled 1/2 and the second box will say 2/2.  Please make sure all boxes have your name. 

Click here to shop at Evergreen Kosher Market.

Click here to fill out the pickup and delivery form


For questions, feedback, and suggestions, email [email protected].

Chabad of Yorktown takes no responsibility for orders not picked up during pickup hours, or for damaged/spoiled food. Any questions about the actual contents of the order should be directed to Evergreen Kosher Market.